Purple Star Schools

2021 Purple Star Schools


Holloman Air Force Base and Alamogordo Public Schools have a partnership working together to ensure that all military students are successful in their education endeavors while their parents are assigned to Holloman Air Force Base. We value that partnership and are proud to announce that in in November 2020, the Alamogordo Public Schools School Board adopted a resolution enabling our district to award campuses the Purple Star School Designation. This designation shows that this campus is a military friendly campus and has specifically trained its staff to understand, help transition, and support our military students. In order to be a Purple Star School campus, the campus has submitted an application showing their programs, staff teams, and activities supporting military students and their families. The applications were reviewed by a team to ensure all areas of the program requirements were met and are sustainable in the future.

In January 2021, 3 APS Campuses were awarded the status of a Purple Star School. Those campuses are: Alamogordo High School, Holloman Middle School and Holloman Elementary School.

APS is proud to support our military families by offering a successful education!

2021-23 Purple Star Schools