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Technology Support Services provides excellent service, response and training when and where possible, for all District Technology Resources. The department strives to: Maintain quality technical support services and provide sound advice; Assures a courteous and timely response to work order requests; Assists in the future planning of Technology Resources; Facilitates and Supports the operation of technology equipment and software; Facilitates the purchasing of licensing of District and School level software programs; Provides necessary technology training and education to staff in order to promote success for staff and students; and Maintains a high functioning network and internet services. Specific technologies supported by the TSS office includes: desktop and laptop computers; Mobile devices (tablets, iPads, cell phones, etc.); Printers and scanners; Servers and server based software (Synergy, Health Master, Destiny, etc.); Network and Internet; Wireless network; Computer User accounts and security; Fax machines; Time clocks; Email system; Telephones and communications systems; Microsoft Office, Adobe and other production software; Video/Camera Systems; Electronic key access systems; and Online Testing Platforms.