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What is Beds for Kids?
Beds for kids is an APS Health Services opportunity for at-risk students to receive a hand-made bed frame and mattress for FREE.

Which Students can participate?
Students falling under at-risk demographics within the following subgroups may be referred to participate:
Title I/Low SES

How will students be referred to participate in the program?
Students in need of a bed will be referred to our Health Services Department. From there, Health Services staff will work with the family to arrange to receive their Child(ren)'s bed(s). At times, there may be a waiting list. 

When will the program begin?
Our projected launch date is the 2021-2022 school year. 

How will the program be managed?
APS Health Services will oversee the program. 

More questions? Contact

APS Family Outreach Specialist- Denise Narvaez
APS Student and Family Support Specialist- Jamie Austin
Phone: 575-449-5495