Benefits FAQs

Hello APS Team!

There has been some confusion regarding when an employee is able to sign up for Benefits for themselves or their dependents outside of Open/Switch Enrollment in the Fall.

You have 31 days from your date of hire to apply to enroll yourself and eligible dependents.

You also have 31 days from a qualifying event to apply to enroll yourself or eligible dependents. 

What Constitutes a "Qualifying Event"?


• Birth.  

• Marriage.

• Adoption of a child or child placement order in anticipation of adoption. 

• Incapacity of a child while covered under the NMPSIA Group Plan.

• Legal guardianship of a child.

• Promotion to a new job classification with a salary increase.

• Employment status change from a part-time to a full-time position with a salary increase.
• Divorce, annulment or termination of domestic partnership (not a legal separation).   

·   A spouse or any enrolled children cannot be cancelled when a divorce is in progress.

·   Immediate cancellation of an ex-spouse and ineligible children is required by the last day of the month the divorce/partnership becomes final.

• Involuntary loss of group or individual coverage through no fault of the person having the group or individual insurance coverage. This may include an involuntary loss of medical, dental, vision, or life insurance due to:

·    Reduction in hours worked.

·    Resignation, termination or retirement from employment

·    Divorce, annulment  

·    No longer meet eligibility requirements for insurance

·    Exhaustion of COBRA 

Be Advised: Voluntary cancelling other coverage or non-compliance to maintain other coverage is not considered a qualifying event. 

Verifiable proof of involuntary loss is required to be provided to your employer’s benefits office. A loss of coverage letter MUST contain the following information:

·  Name and contact information of employer and/or entity who maintained the insurance coverage lost

·  Who lost coverage?

·  What type of coverage was lost? 

·  What date coverage ended?

A change of status due to any qualifying event MUST be reported by completing, signing and turning in the "NMPSIA Employee Change Card" and all supporting documentation in Frontline Central (My Forms > Forms I Can Start) within 31 days from the qualifying event, change of basic information or Special Enrollment event. Remember to attach all supportive documentation to the Change Card for all events. 

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