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What is the Impact Aid Survey?

So, you’ve received an Impact Aid Survey Form, and you want to know what it is, and why it is so important to complete it, sign it, and send it back. Let us help answer that.

The United States Department of Education administers a grant, which is where this funding comes from. It’s known as the Federal Impact Aid Program, or Title VII. These funds are distributed to LEA’s (aka- local educational agencies). We know, We know, that still doesn’t tell you much of anything. Stick with us!

The Alamogordo Public School District receives these funds. (Yes, that makes us an LEA!)

But that still isn’t a lot of information, so here is a bit more.

APS receives these funds because of our Federally Connected students.

What does that mean?

Any student that lives on federal property, urban development property, low income housing property, has parents (or guardians) working on federal property, or are active duty in the United States Armed Forces, makes our district eligible for these funds. (There are other qualifiers, but these are the biggest and most common ones for us at APS).

Why does that matter? We’ll tell you why.

All of those various qualifiers mentioned above? Those same qualifiers are exempt from paying property taxes.


Well, this program was put in place so school districts with 3%+ federally connected students (or 400 federal students in their daily attendance), get a percentage of those property taxes back, just from the federal government instead of actual property taxes.

So this form helps with that?

Yes! Very much so!

When you, the parent or guardian, completes the form with information applicable to your student, sign it, date it, and send it back, we get to work. We have to verify the form was completed, signed and dated. Then we go through and figure out which students live where, on base, off? In urban development areas or low income housing? Are the parents active military, foreign military, civilian working on federal property? Etc. We compile the information requested by the government, and apply for the maximum return. They check over the information we send them, and they approve the numbers they agree qualify. Next, they audit us and we prove we indeed do have the paperwork to support our numbers.

There’s more to the process than that, but this was just a basic overview. Please know that we treat these survey forms with the utmost confidence. Only approved staff and the federal government will see these forms. Your, and your student’s, privacy matter to us.

If you have more questions not answered by the above, please feel free to contact:

Shay Newell- Operations Secretary:



Impact Aid Help Line: 575-812-6091

Also, feel free to visit the Federal Impact Aid website: 



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